Get Your Shred On
February 6, 2017
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Get Your Shred On

We know you're out there. The entrepreneurs. The start-ups. Those who think that they don't need a shredder in their life and who rely heavily on tech. But before you decide that the shredder is obsolete, consider these benefits:

1. Privacy

With everything linked, it's hard to find privacy in the digital world. Forget confidentiality. Everyday, we hear about cyber breeches that cost millions of dollars. When you shred, you are no longer a target for identity thieves — imagine saying that in a client meeting!

2. Being Green

A lot of people link shredders to wastefulness, but that entirely depends on what you do with your shreds. Shredded paper can be upcycled into new products making it a great green option for your business.

So you see we may have a couple points. But what kind of shredder would you get? If you're unsure of what type of shredder you should purchase, you can always visit our Shredder Selector page. There you can enter a few preferences on what your needs are and we will give you a Best Match along with two other suggested shredder models to make your shopping easier. Try it Now »


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