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Nice Guy Contest

Office Supply Crafts:

Mardi Gras

Posted on February 4, 2016  |  Posted by: nice guys : )

Looking to prevent an overdose of sugar and keep your hands busy? Indulge in making some of these easy office supply Mardi Gras crafts.


Mask: You can’t celebrate Mardi Gras without a spectacular mask! To make yours, simply cut a paper plate in half, glue to a Popsicle stick and decorate with either paint or pens.


Crown: If messy glue intimidates, try simplifying your project even further. For a crown, all you need is a paper plate and scissors. Cut from the center of the plate and make triangles. Bend the triangles up and volia!


Candy Necklaces: Grab some Twizzlers, string and scotch tape.  Thread pieces of Twizzlers until you form the desired necklace length. Caution: The old “eat one than bead one” method may happen. Craft at your own risk.


Cup Light: Collect green and purple cups than glue to a hanging circular light! Turn on and see your very own Mardi Gras disco ball.

Nice Guy Contest

Nice Guys :) Contest

Posted on February 1, 2016  |  Posted by: nice guys : )

From February 1 - 28, 2016, we are on the hunt for the Nicest Nice Guy! Enter someone in your life or work life by following the steps below. And of course, may the nicest of them all win.


How To Enter

1. Tag the name of someone in your life that you think is nice on Garvey’s Office Products' Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest. Photos and explanations on why your person is the nicest are not required, but are highly encouraged.


2.Wait and see if you win!


The Prize

Besides the bragging right of being 2016’s Mr. or Ms. Nice Guy, the winner will receive a package full of Nice Guy goodies.



The Logistics

A winner will be chosen by Garvey’s Office Products’ resident Nice Guys on February 29, 2015 at 3 PM CT. The winner will be announced on the Nice Guys' blog and social media platforms. Winners will have 48 hours to claim their prize, if no response is met, another winner will be chosen.


No purchase from Garvey’s Office Products is necessary to win. Multiple entries are encouraged. Upon submitting a photo, entrants automatically consent use of said photo in further contest promotions hosted by Garvey’s Office Products.

City of Hope

City of Hope 1st Quarter Recycle for a Reason Recipient

Posted on January 29, 2016  |  Posted by: nice guys : )

Garvey’s Office Products announced today that City of Hope will be the recipient of all 1st quarter funds raised for the company’s Recycle for a Reason Program.


Recycle for a Reason is Garvey’s Office Products’ cardboard and toner recycling program. Each quarter, the company collects flattened cardboard and used toner from its customers. All funds received from the recycled items are then pooled together to raise money for local charitable organizations. Over $217,000 and counting have been raised since the program’s inception.


“The partnership between the City of Hope and the office product industry has been strong for years,” said Kevin Garvey, Vice President at Garvey’s Office Products. “Their groundbreaking work in the field of cancer research will one day lead to a cure for a disease that touches all of us.”


To learn more about Garvey’s Office Products’ Recycle for a Reason program, click here. First quarter collections for City of Hope will end on March 31, 2016.

Game Day Crafts

Game Day Office Crafts

Posted on January 28, 2016  |  Posted by: nice guys : )

The table is set. The TV is on. But just in case you need something to wow guests during halftime, here some creative super bowl decorations that you can make with the most basic of office supplies.


Football Field Table Cover: We all get a little messy. To save your table from chicken wings, all you need is brown craft paper, tape and markers.


Football Paper Chain Links: Don’t leave your walls empty! Paper chain links can not only decorate, but keep the kids busy while the game is on.
Download template (PDF)


Football Popcorn Cones: Print paper with a football-themed design. Tape or glue into cones then fill with your snack of choice. We personally are popcorn fans, but we wouldn’t say no to candies.


Football Toothpick Food Identifiers: Glue toothpicks to football paper cutouts. A handy Bic Pen will do the rest. Stick into dips to let guests know what they are getting into.


Order Game Day Crafts Materials >

The Power of Promo

The Power of Promo

Posted on January 26, 2016  |  Posted by: nice guys : )

Free swag. Loot. Promotional products have acquired many names over the years. Arguably one of the oldest forms of advertising, American businesses spend on average over $20 billion a year in the category. So, what can you do to stand out? Luckily, we have a few tips.


1. Choose a product with a shelf life. Think long term. A sticker won’t last a lifetime, but things like hats and mugs can be used over generations.


2. Partner your branded material. Every school has a team; every team has a t-shirt. Offer to foot the bill in exchange for some much-needed brand awareness!


3. Names go a long way. Rule of thumb: If something has a person’s name on it, the chances of them keeping it are higher.


4. Good design is essential. If it’s not considered pretty or hip, it’s out. Work with a consultant or designer to find the perfect fit.


5. Likewise, avoid passing trends. Sure. The blanket that’s also a shirt seems neat right now, but do you really think it’s going to be kept beyond a week?


And remember, the power of promotional products is lasting. So choose a message that you really want to convey! View our promotional category for ideas.

Office 101

Office Supplies 101

Posted on January 25, 2016  |  Posted by: nice guys : )

If you find yourself basking in the success of your home business, it may be time to move your headquarters to an actual office space. As an Illinois family-owned business ourselves, we know how exciting this time can be. But before you open your doors, we suggest you equip yourself with a few basics. After all, nothing’s more important than starting your business on the right foot.


Think small. There are many supplies that we take for granted, but use on a daily basis. It’s the little things – tape, stapler, binder clips, phones, trashcan etc. – that a real office can’t function without. Trust us when we say that a missing highlighter can throw off a whole business day.


Rock, Paper, Scissors. Most importantly, paper. Regardless of what your company’s function is, you will need an ample supply paper to write down ideas and take notes and to load in your printer. Make sure to stock up!


A happy office is an organized one. As you grow, so will your records!  Ample file storage, folders, labeling and binding methods are key. If you enforce organization at an early stage, it will continue as your business thrives. 


A workable office is a comfortable one. Furnish your surroundings. Furniture not only will help an office’s production, but also provide security and extra storage when necessary. A simple table may have worked for a party of one, but now bigger things are on the horizon!


Here is an office basics list to get you started!

Being Green
Posted on January 18, 2016  |  Posted by: nice guys : )

Being a green office doesn’t always mean dollar signs. It also doesn’t mean drastic changes. Sometimes it’s as simple as offering an alternative to what’s been done in past. So in the green spirit, we’re asking all of our customers and employees to try these five ideas. Give the gift of a cleaner and brighter 2016!


1. Implement a “switch off” program. Hang a sign that encourages employees to shut off their computers, digital frames and lights when they leave for the day. For most of us, it’s an afterthought!


2. Default printing to double-sided. Most printing is thrown away at the end of the day. So save a page or two by searching your printer’s instructions online. You’ll be surprised at how much paper you’ll save.


3. Set up an environmentally friendly signature. All it has to read is “please consider the environment before printing this email.” Your employees and clients will do the rest.


4. Replace old light bulbs with energy savings ones. Some brands come with lower wattage and guaranteed energy saving labels.


5. Considered recycled paper for your printers. You’ll be astonished on how many options are out there – and at reasonable costs. Some brands even work to make recycled paper from wood chips!


Can't see working any of these options into your office? Then just donate your empty toner cartridges to our Recycle for a Reason Program! Our 1st quarter recipient this year is Chicago's City of Hope.

Pantone of the Year
Posted on January 13, 2016  |  Posted by: nice guys : )

The Color of the Year has been announced. If you aren’t familiar with the award, it’s a color chosen by Pantone, a company which sole function is to manufacture ink.


According to Pantone’s senior VP & General Manger Ron Potesk , the Color of the Year is “… a forecast, a reflection of what’s happening in the word.” The color is chosen by drawing inspiration from the “now” – and that includes street art, fashion and even trade shows. 2016’s winner? Unprecedented, there are two - pink Rose Quartz and blue Serenity.


And so we ask: What do you think of this year’s colors? Let us know if you think the Color of the Year will end up in your office or home by posting to social with #2016Color.

From Concept to Completion: A New Year, A New Start
Posted on January 11, 2016  |  Posted by: nice guys : )

Once every year, we have the opportunity to reinvent ourselves. From a business perspective, this often means re-evaluating our office environment and how it functions. Whatever the reason – you’ve grown in employees or maybe you’re deciding to put a fresh face on an older brand – an office remodel is no easy feat. So, here are five tips from our furniture experts to help you celebrate the potential of a newly remodeled office space.


1. Think open but not too open

The problem with many offices today is that it restricts an employee to their desk or puts them on display for all to see. Try to find a happy medium between the two. A good alternative to the traditional desk are benching solutions - i.e. desks that have some walls, but do not completely seclude.


2. Paint walls with dry eraser boards and paint

An idea is an idea – no matter where one has it. The problem is getting the thought on paper when there’s no paper to be had! This creative solution not only allows an employee to transfer their thoughts, but also gives the office in question a modern edge.


3. Don’t shy away from color

Many offices are drab with neutral grays. As any graphic designer worth his or her salt would tell you, color is something that brings life to a space. Just check out the pops of blue we used ourselves in an install.


4. The food area should be just as focused on as the rest
When employees go on break, it’s a time for them to relax and chat. And if that’s not enough incentive, think of it this way: It builds the team cooperation without any team exercises involved.


5. A ray of sunshine is important
No one wants to work in a dungeon. If your space doesn’t have windows, good lighting is a MUST. If it does have windows, make sure to think about the positioning of your furniture – wouldn’t you rather look outside than a wall?


For more advice and even a digital mockup of your space, don’t hesitate to reach out to any of our furniture specialists.


5 Must-Haves For The Shipping Season
Posted on January 4, 2016  |  Posted by: nice guys : )

While most people claim that spring is the time for clearing out clutter, it could be argued that most organizing happens directly after New Years. As people start to prioritize their life, they become more diligent and aware of their surroundings. So in the spirit of helping New Years wishes and goals come true, here are some tips for decluttering and cleaning your office space.


Start by putting everything away. Let’s face it; most of us think we need everything at an arm’s reach. In reality, we probably use less than a third of it. Start by putting everything that is cluttering the top of your desk in drawers. Only return items as you need them. After two weeks, say bon voyage to anything that is remaining in your drawer and hello to a whole ‘lotta space.


Break out the cleaner. Once you clear your desk, you'll notice some cleaning has been neglected. Reach for your office’s janitorial and sanitation items (or as we fondly like to call #JanSan). We’re talking spray bottles, dusters and trash bags. Focus on the items that you use most often. For example, can you remember the last time your phone’s earpiece was cleaned?


Place items where you instinctively go. Do you find yourself always reaching for your pens on your left? Your stapler on the right? Humans are creatures of habit. If you are doing something over and over again, your body is telling you something. If you start synching up your natural instincts with the placement of items on your desk, you’ll notice your workday will have less pauses and, therefore, more productivity.


Remember to maintain. Part of working is getting messy! Your desk is expected to get cluttered with paper, pens and other things. Sometimes, there’s not enough time to place something back its rightful home. So, allow yourself 5-10 minutes at the start (or end) of your workday to reorganize. It’ll keep your area tidy and prevent you having to take the time to search for an item throughout the day.


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