We value our customers and the relationships we have developed with them over the years. When we receive a compliment from them, we would like to share it with you. Watch now as they share their thoughts on Garvey's...

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"I mean where can someone call and get 2 skids of paper delivered to their business within an hour of calling? I am very thankful for your highly exceptional rapid service. It was faster than Jimmy Johns and that is just one of the reasons we love working with you."


"I wanted to take a moment to mention that the nice guy who delivered Garvey's to our office last week and again this morning—his name is Michael—always goes above and beyond! In addition to all our other supplies, I regularly order 3 to 5 cases of Navigator paper and ask whoever's delivering to drop the cartons near the shelving labeled paper. Having the cartons near the shelving makes it easier for me to unload the heavy cartons.

Well—Michael actually unloaded all the reams of paper and stacked them neatly on the shelves for me and he did it all in a few quick minutes! I thanked him and he said it was no problem.

Occasionally, I run into people who take extra care to do a job better than well—I think he's one of those people and an asset to your team. Please let his boss know!"


"I just felt the need to shoot you an email to send my thanks to you and your entire staff. Everybody I speak to (on the phone or in person) or email with at Garvey's is always incredibly prompt and willing to help out in whatever way they possibly can. It's a rarity that you see this across the board with a company. "

Thank you!!

"We are not a BIG customer just a small one. However, I thought it was imperative that I tell you about your 2 employees:

  1. Andrea -Super Fantastic Service I can actually tell/feel that she's is smiling on the other end of the line/email!
  2. Jose-the driver/delivery guy-Always so nice, courteous & helpful!!!!

I just had to drop you little note to say what absolutely great, fantastic service I have received from Andrea. Thank you sooo much for WOW such great service….the company name *NICE GUYS* goes a long way!!!

It is not frequent enough for appreciation and thankfulness of people these days!

I truly appreciate and thank you for Andrea's quick reply & speedy delivery. Jose-the delivery guy does a great job too. It is FABULOUS working with these 2 and your company!!!"


"Hope all is well; I'm sending this email in regards to your delivery guy Jacob. He's been our regular delivery guy since we've started getting supplies from Garvey's and I never had the chance to compliment his service. He's always been very professional and will go the extra mile to make sure our supplies are put away neatly. I just wanted to let you know that he's a keeper and a very kind soul. Not saying the other delivery guys aren't none of the sort but Jacob stands out. He represents your organization well."


"What is the name of our current driver? He is so stinking polite and happy to be driving for Garveys. I don't think I got his name but he knows mine of course because it is on the paperwork. He has the advantage.

You have the best employees by far!!!!"


"Just had our most recent order delivered and if I haven't told you before, I just wanted to say that you have a great driver! He is always very friendly! Since so many people are quick to send complaints about things but rarely compliments, I thought I'd change that."


"I just want you to know how much we LOVE Ron and how much of an asset he is to your company. He is always pleasant and accommodating and is also very friendly to our consumers when they happen to walk in when he is there. We provide services for people with disabilities so we really appreciate how he interacts with them."


"Just wanted to take a moment to let you guys know that your team of folks REALLY ARE “the nice guys!” We just moved to Burr Ridge, and Our regular driver is Tony. He's been terrific and he makes a true difference in my work day… he delivers every time.

Also, I wanted to point out that Scott was very helpful to me today. I'd experienced some confusion with the descriptions on the website, and he helped me find EXACTLY the right item. Details, details, details matter to “internal customers” and getting just the right color/brand/size for our staff will help me out significantly.

Once again… you guys deliver, and I appreciate it."


"I thought that Staples was a quick turnaround but you guys definitely get the thumbs up from me in response time. Your guys were professional , introduced themselves and even went so far as to unload and stack the items for me. This is something that we never received before.

If this is the service that I can expect every time you will be a keeper. And the free offers tops it off.

Patrick thanks for reaching out and putting your words to the test."


"I'd like to also chime in to tell you how happy we are with the cabinets and the service that we got from your office. Everyone, from the drivers & delivery to you in the coordinating office were so helpful."


"We just received our first delivery and I was so pleased with the level of professionalism from Mike, the delivery man!!!!

Mike had to carry the copy paper down the stairs to the basement, since we don't have an elevator. He asked if I had any questions, when I informed him this was our first time ordering. He also informed me that he was not our regular delivery man. Dave was on vacation. I will only see Mike when Dave is off or on vacation. Nice guy!!"


"As you know, I have been more than satisfied with you guys over the past year and have basically transitioned all of our supply needs to you guys. Just confirming that I made the right decision is Heather Garcia in A/R. She is awesome and helpful and a pleasure to work with.

Too many times, all we ever share are complaints, so I wanted to take the opportunity to share some compliments. Please let Heather and her supervisor (if she has one) know that I think she is doing a fantastic job and that I am happy to keep sending you our business."


"I just wanted to say what wonderful sales rep's, Lisa & Roy are. They go out of their way to meet our needs. Also, Dave ( not sure of his last name) is our delivery person. He is so friendly and nice. He even pops his head in to say hi when he is making a delivery across the hall. You have a great group of people working for you!"


"You folks are awesome, Andrea! Took all the pain out of office supply ordering for our company since we have been with you. Wish our political leaders ran things the way Garvey's does!"


"I just wanted to drop you a quick note and let you know how pleased we are with Garvey's service and all the work you do to help me source the odds and ends that we need along the way. Over the last year I've been transitioning to you more and more of the things we sought a specialty vendor for, and I've been pleased to find that you either already carry it, or have made the appropriate connection to make it available to us.

I'm turning away the lowballers after spending all year telling them not to call me until Q4 when I'd entertain other pitches, but my decision is easy. We look forward to continuing with Garveys, and appreciate all the time you all put in for us."


"I just want to let you know that, I sincerely appreciate Brian’s outstanding work in getting our client’s cost center corrected in a timely manner during their recent visit here in Deerfield.

Brian was able to come up with solutions that enable the visiting Executive director to have a positive experience in your website. Brian was also very instrumental in the set up for the approval groups in Kellen’s client cost centers when changes need to be implemented.

There were instances that I give Brian a complex problem, and he has that rare and enviable ability to find simple solutions.

He is a true asset and a great contributor to the Garvey’s team. Kudos to Brian!"


"Just wanted to say thanks a bunch for everything you did to get us the hole-punch same day. Our presentation was successful in part due to your amazing customer service. We were able to have all the needed information at our customer’s fingertips.

Thank you for making us look good!

Also, please give our thanks to Eric (k?) in customer service that responded right away when I placed the order requesting same day. He went above and beyond!"


"I just wanted to mention to you that I called Garvey's today looking for help to order a custom stamp. I had a pleasure of talking to Josie that promptly helped me and completely took care of it. What a pleasure it was!! She was so prompt in getting back to me after preparing the order, even tough we never had any business encounters before. I wanted to mention to you because so many times only the bad experiences come to surface. She truly met all the best customer service requirements that you hope for an employee and I wanted to recognize it.

Whatever you are doing over there is working out!! Keep up the good work!"


"All of the items I ordered were less than what I would pay at a couple of other places. Everything looks great and we received it right away. I will definitely be considering Garvey's for all of our orders in the future."

Thank you,

"Too many times, people are not recognized and praised for their contribution to the work place. With that being said, I feel it absolutely necessary to acknowledge several of your employees. First off, Andrea Alicea is very personable, outgoing in nature and always available to help me on a daily basis. She is extremely knowledgeable, alludes a genuine personal commitment to helping others and always has a positive attitude. It is very obvious that Andrea takes pride in her job and providing our company with exceptional service and dedication. She is a true asset for Garvey's.

I would like to commend your delivery staff of Ruben, Armando and Jorge. They were very professional and courteous when delivering and setting up our furniture recently. Finally, I also would like to acknowledge Jose our normal deliveryman. He is always so pleasant and a pleasure to work with.

Thank you for making my job easier and a pleasure to work with your employees."


"Thank you for going above and beyond! If you couldn't tell by my panicked phone call this morning, you really helped me out by performing what I can only assume is a logistical miracle. As usual, Garvey's to the rescue. I sincerely appreciate all of your help."


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