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3 Ways Garvey’s Make Administrative Professionals Shine
November 9, 2020
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The printer’s out of toner. The coffee machine is on the fritz. Someone in accounting needs a new chair, and there’s no replacement bottles left for the office water cooler. While many people in your office may think that these are top priorities of an administrative professional, we know different. You’ve got a million things on your list! Here are some things Garvey's can do to lessen the burden.

We can get you supplies fast

The worst thing is to run out of something and be held responsible for a delivery time that you have no control over. With our local fleet, we can get many of your office supplies to you next-day and, in some cases, even same day.

We can reduce your spending

When the end of the year comes rolling around, budgets start tightening up. With the help of your Garvey’s representative, we can not only make sure that you remain under budget, but we can track your spending habits to give you a better idea of where you can cut costs.

We can provide solutions

Does your boss need a hard-to-find product? Are you being tasked to make sure that you’re living up to the World Health Organization’s standard of clean? Garvey’s will work with you to find products for your problems and even bring on new products if none can be found!


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