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Using Your Office’s Zoll AED Plus
February 2, 2020
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Using Your Office’s Zoll AED Plus

Do you know what to do if someone in your office has a Sudden Cardiac Arrest? Most don’t, and according to the American Heart Association, 356,000 cases will occur in the US each year outside of the hospital. So, let’s go over how your Zoll AED Plus can keep you prepared in the office.

Voice Prompts

A Zoll AED will actually walk you through all the steps you will need to do when someone has an attack. It will remind you to stay calm, which pads to use (adult or child) and to call 911 before proceeding with using the AED.

Text Prompts

In the event that the attack occurs in a noisy area, the Zoll AED will also provide text prompts in conjunction with its voice prompts. This will keep you focus and secure in the knowledge of what you need to do!

Additional Equipment

On top of an AED, each AED comes with a set of batteries, carry case and medical persciption. Rest assured that you will always be prepared!


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