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August 31, 2020
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Class is in session… during a pandemic?! In this blog, we are going to highlight supplies that promote safe social distancing. With the right supplies, we can keep our students and educators germ-free as they return to learning.

school barriers

Sneeze & Protective Barriers

Does your school have desks side-by-side? In cases where you cannot physically separate the desks or simply don’t have enough room to put every desk 6 ft apart, consider adding barriers. Sneeze and protective barriers are made from flexible plastic fibers and are meant as a preventive measure when it comes to airborne germs.


Anti-Microbial Films

When learning, we unconsciously touch a lot! This can include pens, sharpeners, staplers, door handles, desktops and more. On all these surfaces, consider installing ani-microbial films. Made from copper, these films help destroy surface germs.

face shields

Face Masks Alternatives

With many of our younger students, teachers may have a difficult time making sure masks are kept on. In lieu of face masks, try face shields. They still provide coverage but prevent many of the obstacles that make users fidget with their masks – such as anti-fogging for glasses wearers and overall easier breathing.


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