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Office Tip: Brainstorming
November 23, 2020
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Trying to generate some holiday business ideas? Here are some tips to make your next brainstorming session the most successful yet!

Make the purpose apparent

Before starting your meeting, make it clear what the meeting is about. If the meeting is in-person, write down your goal on a whiteboard. If your meeting is virtual, consider placing the whiteboard with the goal written on it in your background of your video call.

Give yourself & your attendees ample time

Don’t schedule a meeting without first sending an email. This gives employees time to generate ideas. Also try to give yourself enough time in the meeting itself. When you schedule back-to-back meetings, it can hurt the creative process because you’ll be worried about ending on time.

Take contributions during and after the session

While some employees may thrive at public speaking, others may not. To make sure you get all the great ideas on paper, ask for ideas during the meeting as well as when you send a meeting recap via email.


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