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Waste Receptacle Buying Guide
September 8, 2020
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You may be thinking: How can I mess up buying a trash can? But in reality, there’s a lot that goes into choosing the right receptacle. Here are a few considerations.

Ask where it will be used

Yes, there’s a difference. For outdoors, you’ll need a sturdier and weatherproofed can if you want it to last. For indoors, it’s important to make your bins fit in a way that doesn’t disrupt your company’s workflow.

Consider what it will be used for

For food, you’ll want an odor resistant can. For hazardous materials, you’ll want your receptacle to be color-coded to avoid contamination. For recycling, you’ll want a can clearly marked with a recycling symbol.

Opt for efficiency

When choosing your receptacle, it’s also important to consider liners and their costs. Some oddly shaped receptacles can look pleasing but can really deplete your budget if they require custom liners.


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