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A “Make Your Own” Cleaning Solution
August 3, 2020
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EasyTask Cleaning Wipes

These days, finding a cleaning solution that has the correct disinfectant ratio is hard. There are many products that have a bacteria or virus kill claim but fall short when it comes to actual alcohol percentage. This is why we are introducing EasyTask, a “make your own” cleaning solution.

How EasyTask Works

EasyTask is a box of wipes that you can add any cleaning solution to. The EasyTask wipes automatically absorbs the solution you add to become a custom cleaning solution.

EasyTask Benefits

One of the main benefits of EasyTask is that you are in control. You are in control of your ratio of cleaning solution to wipe. You are also in control of the solution you add. This means that you can create a wipe that is absolutely safe for whatever surface you are cleaning.

Cost-Saving Bonuses

Another benefit of EasyTask is a financial one. Because you can choose a cleaning solution, you can choose a solution that is lower in cost – thus reducing your company’s overall spending on wipes. Contact your Garvey's representative to learn more!


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