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Office Tip: How to Prevent Eye Strain
July 20, 2020
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Eye Strain

It’s been a long day. The report you are working on is due first thing in the morning, but you can’t stop blinking. In fact, your eyes are so tired that they won’t stop watering! If this situation sounds familiar, then you may victim of eye strain. Luckily, the solutions are simpler than you think.

Move your screen back

When something is right in front of your face, your eyes will focus inwards. This movement causes double vision and can be the culprit of your eyes feeling tired. Move your screen back. A good rule of thumb is that your monitor should be about an arm’s length away from your face.

Grab a screen filter

Being blinded by the light is a real thing. Anyone who has worked outside on a sunny day knows that a glare can be a computer screen’s worst nightmare. It’s also problematic for your eyes as they hurry to adjust to the brightness. A simple fix is using a screen filter to either reduce or improve your screen’s lighting.

Pull out the monitor risers

How often you move your eyes is a result of how you position your head and neck. If you're constantly leaning up or down, you're making your eyes do extra work. Monitor risers can solve this by positioning your digital screen exactly where it’s supposed to be, causing your eyes to do less work!


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