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Modifying High Risks in Reception Areas
June 22, 2020
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High Risk Areas

Our modern offices were designed to be open and inviting areas. However, in the wake of COVID-19, these designs may help spread contact and airborne germs. As you open your doors to customers, consider the following improvements in your office’s reception area.

1) Remove reception duel seating

Instead of couches in your reception areas, place single chairs 6ft apart. Opt for chairs that are easy to wipe down in between users.

2) Remove contact machines & coolers

Replace vending machines and coolers with no-contact alternatives such as touchless water dispensers and individually wrapped snacks.

3) Keep a customer count

If virtual meetings are not possible, restrict the overall foot traffic in your reception area. Use dry erase boards to keep a tally of how many people enter and leave your facility. Add 20 minutes breaks when all exit to clean and disinfect.


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