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Improving Your Office Air
December 21, 2020
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Improving Your Office Air

This year has made everyone conscious of the air we breathe and how much clean air should be valued. Besides preventing sickness, it should also be noted that clean air has been linked to productivity, with Harvard Research showing test subjects scoring 60% higher in properly ventilated spaces. Since not everyone can afford a new ventilation system, here are some budget-friendly ways to keep your air quality top notch.

Install mats

It may seem like a small change, but installing entry and exit mats can help improve your air. Mats retain dirt particles.

Be picky about your cleaning products

The less volatile organic compounds that are in your cleaning products, the safer your lungs are. Schedule a consultation with our janitorial specialist to find which products will work best for you

Use microfiber cloths

Similar to mats, microfiber cloths can trap dirt particles within their fibers. It’s also an eco-friendly cleaning solution! Simply wash and reuse.


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