New Safety Items for the Office
May 26, 2020
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New Safety Items for the Office

During COVID-19, many of our vendors have started creating office supplies with social distancing guidelines in mind. Check out these new lines of safety items for the office, and share your thoughts with @GarveysOfficeProducts on whether you think they are useful when it comes to #covidsafety. Remember, we are in this together!

1) Social Distancing Decals & Signs

Safe social distancing requires that individually remain approximately 6 ft. apart at all times, but how many of us can truly estimate that correctly? In answer, our partners have created Social Distancing Decals & Signs. These decals and signs easily adhere to your company’s floors and walls.

2) Touchless Dispensers

Touchless dispensers have been around for ages, but now companies are taking that idea beyond just sanitizing systems and into the breakroom. With the Dixie Smartlock Dispensers, forks, spoons and knives can be dispensed one at-a-time without any touching involved.

3) Washable Face Masks

With the surge of customers buying face masks, a newer eco-friendly version has emerged. On top of offering standard masks, you can now buy cloth face masks are reuseable and washable!


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