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Note Taking Tools You Need
March 2, 2020
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You may not have known that some of these note taking tools existed, but now you do. And it’s okay if you can’t live without snagging at least one for your office desk.

Ubrands Boards

Combo Boards from Ubrands

Why settle for less than a solution that has everything? Ubrands Combo Boards make it so you can pin, magnetically attached, track your calendar AND take notes.

Postit Dry Erase

Dry Erase Surfaces from Post-it

The folks at Post-it had an idea, and it’s quite innovated. Why not make every surface one that you can take notes or brainstorm on? These Dry Erase Surfaces can attach to mostly anything and can be cut to size!

Branded Coffee Mugs

Desktop Boards from Quartet

If your office is small or you’re dealing with a shared workspace, Quartet has the solution for you. Its desktop whiteboards are the perfect way to keep organized while saving space.


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