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Keeping Office Restrooms Sanitized
November 2, 2020
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Keeping Office Restrooms Sanitized

High-traffic areas are the most susceptible to spreading germs. While the restroom has always been a problem spot for sanitation, COVID-19 has amplified the need to take care of these areas. If you’re having trouble maintaining the adequate level of cleanliness, here are a few tips.

(1) Remove Air Dryers

Tape or remove all air dryers in the restroom. Air dryers are notorious for spreading germs. The inner workings of an air dryer can host over 48 times more germs than that of a toilet seat, and it can spread these germs every time it is used! To avoid this, use paper towels for hand drying.

(2) Place “Please Close Toilet Seat” Signs

Similar to air dryers, toilets can spread germs into the air after each flush. Try placing signs over your toilets to encourage lid closing before flushing.

(3) Install Auto-Dispensers

Contact is the easiest way that germs spread. Make sure to change out your soap dispensers with automatic dispensers. The less contact with surfaces, the better!


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