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New! Sharpie S-Gel
October 12, 2020
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Sharpie S-Gel

The marker you love is now available in a gel pen! How does it stand up to other gel pens? Here’s our review.

Question: Does the ink smear?

As any pen connoisseur knows, the number one question for a gel pen is whether or not it smears after using. The Sharpie S-Gel does a fair job of stopping smears if you wait a couple of seconds for the gel to dry.

Question: Is it a good value?

As far as gel pens go, the Sharpie S-Gel is a fair value. Fair is about the mid-point for gel pens, not too cheap or expensive.

Question: Does the ink bleed?

When testing the Sharpie S-Gel in a notebook, it does not seem to bleed through to the next page. We do recommend, as for any gel pen, not to use the Sharpie S-Gel with thin paper.


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