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Peapod Ceasing Delivery in Chicagoland
February 19, 2020
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Peapod Ceasing Delivery in the Chicagoland Area

Is your business ordering from Peapod? According to the Chicago Tribune, the grocery deliverer will cease its deliveries in the Chicagoland area on February 18th. This will effectively leave 50,000 people without their office snacks and beverages.

Food for thought

So now that it’s time to find another distributor for your breakroom, why not consolidate your expenses? Any breakroom item ordered from Garvey’s Office Products will be: 1). Delivered right to your door with your office supplies 2). By drivers that who are reliable and trustworthy 3). With no extra delivery fees.

Wide selection available

Because we have partnerships with the biggest brands around, Garvey’s carries everything! We stock well-known such as LaCroix, Gardettos and Skinny Pop to local must-trys such as Think Jerky. With our exclusive access, we can also get you products made specifically with the office in mind – including Starbucks Portion Packs and Keurig Executive Pods.

And the best part? We’ll cater to you!

Because we have the “in” with these top brands, we can add to our inventory as needed. So if you don’t see a snack or beverage, ask us to quote getting it or something comparable. Working with your Garvey’s Sales Representative, we can help you maintain the breakroom budget that your office needs while keeping your breakroom deliciously stocked.


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