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3 WFH Habits to Take Back to the Office
September 21, 2020
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3 WFH Habits to Take Back to the Office

Was your work-from-home mentality different then your office one? Here are three habits that working from home creates and why you should continue to implement these habits when you’re back in the office.

That Moment for Yourself

While working from home, we often find it easier to grab a coffee or take the dog outside for a few moments. The truth is that this is a habit you should be doing in the office. Taking a moment for yourself throughout the day can help you recharge and be more productive overall!

That Meeting That Should Have Been an Email

It’s a running joke that some meetings should have been an email, but maybe some meetings really should be done digitally. Draft up an email before having a meeting. If you can say everything there and don’t need input, then don’t have the meeting. As the age old saying goes: Time is money.

Those Healthy Habits

While doing yoga at your office desk is not really an option, some of your at-home healthy habits can be transferred to your office desk! Consider continuing to make meals to bring into the office instead of eating out. You’ll be surprised how much this will boost your energy.


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