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Managing Both At-Home & On-Site Teams
October 19, 2020
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Studies show that COVID-19 has not only changed how we work, but where we are working from. Instead of everyone being at the office, working remotely is now more accepted and generally more feasible among companies. With this new working style comes new priorities. Priority #1 in managing teams is keeping everyone in the loop. If you’re not sure where to start, here are a few tips.

Keep it Visual

According to studies, 80% of communication is based on physical cues. When everything is digital, things can be misconstrued. To avoid miscommunication, make sure your at-home and on-site teams are video conferencing with each other at least once a week.

Create Goodie Bags

When you hire someone new in the office, it’s almost automatic that you will need to find a desk, computer and other tools for them to use. The same should be applied to your at-home team. Consider putting together a welcome kit that you can mail to at-home employees. This could include noise-cancelling headphones, branded mousepads and informational sheets on security/login policies.

Decision Make as a Team

It’s important to make sure everyone feels like they are involved. Try not to make any decisions in the office only. If you do, keep the lines of communication open by sending an email to the entire workforce.


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