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Tips to Avoid Buying Counterfeit Masks
January 17, 2022
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The emergence of Omicron has made buying masks more prevalent than ever! Unfortunately as everyone makes a mad dash to buy, this also means the counterfeit market is booming. Just last May, Homeland Security reported an astonishing number of two million counterfeit masks. To avoid buying faulty masks, follow these buying tips.

Faulty Packaging

If a mask arrives in a unprofessional bag that’s twist tied shut, chances are it isn’t legitimate. Legitimate masks are sealed to avoid contamination.

No Contact Information

If the masks’ box lacks a logo or general contact, that’s a red flag. Real N95 masks manufacturers will always brand their boxes.

Approval Certificate

If the package comes with a “approved by the FDA” or “FDA approved” certification, you can safely guess that the mask is counterfeit. The FDA does not provided certificates of approval.

Where You Purchase From

Always purchase your masks from a trusted vendor! Garvey’s team of salesmen does the hard part of vetting out faulty masks for you.


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