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Space Heater Buying Guide
January 11, 2022
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The weather drops and the thermostat wars begin! If you’re on the losing end and your office prefers cooler temperatures, a space heater can be a great investment. While it’s hard to know what heater is right for you with words like convection or radiant bogging you down, there’s no need to panic. We’ve come up with a guide to help you choose a heater and how to safely operate it.

Choosing a Space Heater

Now, the type of space heater you choose will really depend on you. There are pros and cons to all types of heaters. Generally, you can break heaters down into four categories.

Ceramic Heaters: This heater uses convention. Like an oven, Ceramic Heaters warm the air and blow it over a ceramic plate or coil. The body of the heater is cool to touch, but the inside is toasty. This is a great heater to choose if you work from home and are worried about pets or kids making contact with your heater.

Forced Air Heaters / Fan-Forced Heaters: Same as the floor vents in your home, this heater warms the air and circulates it by fan. This is great method to use if you are looking to heat a big space quickly and are okay with your heater turning on and off during the workday.

Radiant Heaters: Most radiant heaters work by heating the oil inside the unit. Radiant Heaters are directional, meaning they heat the way they are pointed. You most likely experienced this heater outside, as they are popular patio heaters because they retain heat for long periods of time.

Infrared Heaters: Unlike the other heaters listed, infrared doesn’t pick up the surrounding air, heat it up and then put it back out. It doesn’t even use an oil inside. Instead, an infrared heater creates light waves that instantly warm a small area. This is usually the go-to if you’re looking just heat a portion of your body like your feet rather than a room or space.

Safety to Consider

Like anything that creates heat from your curling iron to your phone, it’s important to practice safe usage. A lot of this boils down to putting on your common sense cap.

• DO make sure that your space heater is in a properly vented space.
• DO turn off your heater when it’s not in use.
• DON’T place your heater too close to items that may burn.
• DON’T place your heater near water.

With all this mind, you’ll find the right heater to stay warm – even if your office thermostat stays low!


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