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January 25, 2024
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Motorscrubber Shock

The all-new MotorScrubber SHOCK compact floor scrubber machine has been designed, invented and manufactured to be the most versatile and easy-to-use floor cleaning machine in the industry. Over 3500 hours of testing, thousands of variable combinations and years of design tweaks have ensured SHOCK enables cleaning teams to scrub up to 100% of the entire floor.

Traditional large scrubber machines miss up to 20% of the floor. This is unacceptable in settings where hygiene is of paramount importance. SHOCK covers the missed 20%, including:

• Washrooms/restrooms
• Hard-to-reach areas
• Underneath partitions
• Stairs, steps and risers
• Baseboards and skirting boards
• Corners and edges

Motorscrubber Shock

MotorScrubber in-house design and manufacturing processes are driven by scientific precision. SHOCK's design seamlessly combines ergonomic excellence with cutting-edge 555 technology:

• 5,000rpm cleaning motor
• 5mm scrubbing circle per pad blade
• 5kg downforce to surface

With thousands of hours of rigorous testing to find the perfect combination, MotorScrubber is transforming the cleaning experience. SHOCK tackles every cleaning challenge with ease, delivering industry-leading results.


SHOCK can be used to deep clean in almost every setting with hard flooring, including:

• Commercial Outlets
• Public Service Settings (train stations, bus terminals)
• Private Office Spaces
• Bathrooms & Restrooms
• Restaurants & Kitchens
• Hotels & Hospitality Settings
• Hospitals & GP Surgeries
• Schools, Nurseries, Creches, Colleges & Universities

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