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Better Compostable Products
February 24, 2020
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Recycling for a Reason: Community Alternatives Unlimited

As we head towards March and all things green, we’d thought we take a look at our newest compostable products for the office, and why Better Earth’s line is the best one we’ve stocked yet!

Better Earth is green AND functional

How many times have you used a compostable product, just to have it decompose as you were using it? It gets all mushy and becomes the last thing you want to use to drink your beverage or eat your food off of. Better Earth compostable products are tested to make sure that they withstand all the hot, cold and liquid that they are put up against, decomposing only when commercially composted.

Better Earth actually helps the earth

When you use Better Earth and put it through commercial composting, you are creating fertilizer for our soil. This is important because healthier soil can lead to nutritious foods, drought migration and even better air filtration for our world!

Better Earth promotes a greener you

As mentioned above, Better Earth requires commercial composting to degrade. This means that it needs microorganisms, carbon, water, heat and oxygen to biodegrade within 90 days. If you do not have access to commercial composting nearby your company, it can encourage you to build your own. Learn how in this Better Earth blog post. The process of constructing a composter can take 10 minutes or less, and it’s a great team-building exercise.


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