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Establishing a Disinfecting Routine
June 15, 2020
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The CDC recommends establishing a disinfecting routine to ensure proper sanitation. Beyond choosing sanitation products with a higher alcohol content of 60 percent, here are some other considerations to implement.


Clean Desk

1) Ask Employees To Clear Desks

At the end of each day, request that employees put away or minimize personal effects on desks. This will speed up the cleaning process and ensure that the entire surface is cleaned.


Door Handles

2) Extra Attention to Touch Areas

If your company employs a cleaning service, request that they focus on touch areas. These areas include door handles, elevator buttons, bathroom surfaces, kitchen appliances, sign-in areas and common office electronics (e.g., phone, printer, keyboard, mouse, and personal devices). If your company does not employ a cleaning service, consider adding antimicrobial film to these high-contact points.


Water Cooler

3) Encourage the Use of Disposable & Non-Touch Products

When possible, encourage the use of disposable items. In particular, the breakroom has a lot of items that can be switched. Upgrade your water cooler to a non-touch dispenser. Swap out vending machines to individual snack packages. Remove regular plates, cups and cutlery and replace them with disposable options.


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