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Holiday Card Trends
November 30, 2020
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Holiday Card Trends

Every year, over 1.3 billion cards make their way through the mail to family, friends and customers. This year, it’s predicted to be more than ever due to pandemic travel restrictions. If you’re looking for a way to stand out, try our new seed paper holiday cards.

What is seed paper?

Seed paper is made from biodegradable resources and plant seeds. So after a person views the card, they can simple plant the card, water and watch it grow!

Why choose a seed paper card?

Millennials make up around 30% of the world’s population now and are considered one of the most eco-friendly generations. According to Forbes, 79% of millennials are loyal to companies that care about their effect on the world.

How-to start a custom seed card

When it comes to seed paper cards, our promotional products team are experts! They will guide you through picking out the paper, seeds and branding. Reach out to to start today!


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