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Top 3 Necessities to Work Efficiently from Home
April 27, 2020
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Top 3 Necessities to Work Efficiently from Home

Now that businesses have gotten used to navigating a virtual office, many are considering adding a work-from-home option for their office permanently. If you are one of the many businesses with this mindset, here are some office supplies that you should look into purchasing and loaning out to keep your at-home workforce productive.

An all-in-one printer

An all-in-one printer is exactly as it sounds. It encompasses printing, faxing, copying and scanning in one device. These printers are relatively cheap and are small enough to ship low-cost to any home.

A surge protector

Surprisingly, the first challenge that at-home workers face is plugging too many items in and damaging company property. Power surges provide ample outlets while keeping your devices safe!

A desktop shredder

When you give employees access to company files outside your office, you should always implement security measures, and the first line of security is always a shredder! Desktop shredders allow your at-home workers to dispose of sensitive documents discreetly and safely.


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