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Tips to Streamline Your Work
October 5, 2020
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Tips to Streamline Your Work

Sixty-nine workdays. That’s how many days studies suggest employees spend on repetitive tasks in a year. If you’re looking to cut down on wasted time, here are some tips.

Minimize Paperwork

If you can store it digitally, you should. Memos, reports – anything that’s not a security risk should be scanned and stored electronically. This eliminates unnecessary filing time.

Learn Shortcuts

Many office workers don’t realize how much a time saver keyboard shortcuts can be. Even in a program like Outlook, you can use shortcuts. Try it out! Instead of clicking Reply All, try using Command + R (if on a MAC) or Windows Key + R (if on a PC) next time you open your email.

Employ Reminders

Being ten minutes late to a meeting can disrupt not only your schedule but your coworkers’. To ensure that you are on time, give yourself a digital reminder 5 minutes before each meeting.


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