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Updating Your Breakroom to Contact-Free
April 12, 2021
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Gone are the days of meeting around the water cooler. Until vaccinations for COVID-19 are fully distributed, we need to learn how to remain contact-free, especially in the breakroom. Besides reminding employees to wash hands and touch as little as possible, there are a few things you can implement that will automatically reduce the spread of germs.

Disposable Cutlery & Supplies

Remove all dishes and silverware in your cubbies and replace with disposable options. Install dispensers that only dispense one item at a time. The less items in reach, the less likely things will be touched.

Automatic Water Coolers & Coffee Machines

Many water coolers, like Waterlogic, have taken an innovated approach. They are producing foot petals for their products. This way, employees can bypass touching buttons or knobs when dispensing their favorite beverages.

Single-Served & Individually Wrapped Snacks

Opt to only stock snacks that come in portions. Not only will this create a healthier snacking habits, but it will reduce the use of communal bowl and serving utensils.


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