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How-to Recycle Cardboard with Garvey's
February 22, 2021
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Just think of how much cardboard you are interacting with on a daily average – from buying office supplies to ordering your food in. As we continue to work from our homes, now more than ever we are shipping items in cardboard. When you compress all that mail down, we are generating 850 million tons of paper and cardboard trash!

How recycling makes a difference

For each item recycled, we are producing less waste. In fact, by recycling just one ton of cardboard, you will save 46 gallons of oil, 40000kW of electricity and 17 trees and 7000 gallons of water. That’s a lot of natural resources!

Recycling with Garvey’s

In 2007, we started a recycling program specifically for our customers and the community. For our customers, you can ask your driver to pick up recycling when they drop off your office supply orders. For those in the community, you can drop off your recycling at our location during our business hours. We accept flattened cardboard boxes, old electronics and even used toners!

What happens to your donation

On top of being green, we get cash back for your donation. That donation money is then donated to a new local charity each quarter! While cardboard only generates cents for every piece recycled, our combined collections (pictured above) can really make a difference!


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