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3 Ways Folders Keep You on Track
March 29, 2021
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3 Ways Folders Keep You on Track

With technology steadily becoming the go-to organization method, you may be tempted to stop using folders in the office. However, folders do more than organize! Here three reasons why you should keep on filing.

1) They prompt you to throw things away

Think about it. How often have you cleaned your desk? Now compare it to how often you delete files off your computer. Keeping paper files remind you to purge and safely shred information.

2) There’s no data limit

There’s nothing quite as annoying as getting a notification that you’ve run out of space. With filing, you can continue organizing without restriction or buying data storage plans.

3) You’re always secure

Cyber hacking is becoming a serious issue. If you have paperwork that has sensitive data on it, the best security measure is making sure that it’s not accessible to the web!


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