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Home Office Setup Guide
February 1, 2021
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Home Office

Are you planning to work from home full-time? Working from your couch can only get you so far! Try installing these essentials for a true home office setup.

1. The Coze Desk

Not too big, not too small. A lot of people run into the problem of space when working from home. As in, they don’t have enough room. The Hon Company’s Coze Desk comes in three sizes so you can fit everything into the existing space you have!

2. Mid-Back Ergonomic Chairs

Why mid-back? Mid-back chairs focus on supporting your lower back. They are much cheaper than their high-back counterparts and often come in more styles and colors.

3. Cheap but Reliable Copy Paper

Printer jams in the office can be supported by IT personnel, but when you’re at home you have only you to rely on. To make sure your printer functions without problems, make sure to choose a reliable copy paper that suits your at-home needs.


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