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Canceling Office Noise
March 22, 2021
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Office Noise

Whether you’re working from home or part of an office environment, noise plagues us all. Short of telling your children or coworkers to turn it down or implementing a new no-noise policy, here are some ways to decrease the distractions during your workday.

Use Headphones

Consider purchasing headphones. This way, you can play your favorite music or podcast to keep you productive or use noise-canceling ones for silence. Either way, make sure to opt for lightweight for all-day comfort!

Fill Your Space

Have you ever been in an empty room that just… echoes? While being minimalistic can help you stay organized, it can also make your area nosier. Things like mats, carpets and furniture help absorb sounds. As a general rule of thumb, the more fabric in your room, the more sound absorption there will be.

Upgrade Your Equipment

Many times, older models of clocks, keyboards, printers and even computers are the culprits of noise. Consider updating some of your equipment. Newer electronics are not only quieter but also energy efficient, saving you extra dollars in the long run.


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