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The Rise of Paper Pricing
April 5, 2021
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Paper Pricing

Across the board, paper saw a 6% - 8% increase in its pricing in March of 2021. Here are a few reasons why and what your company can do to save money when it comes to buying paper in the future.

Why is there an increase?

Over the last decade, many things have happened to the paper industry.

The need for packaging materials: Did you get an online order shipped to you in the last week? Paper companies are having a competition for pulp. This could be linked to the demand for packaging materials. As more people shop online, the demand for packing materials increase, creating the cost of pulp to go up.

The loss of manufacturing facilities: All that paper has to be made somewhere. Because packaging materials are in higher demand, many paper companies are making a switch. Instead of producing paper, they are producing materials to ship items safely. Less facilities for paper making means there’s less need to have lower pricing.

The cost of transportation: Did you notice how much gas price was this morning? Gas prices are rising as delivery trucks race to meet demands for next-day deliveries. The more gas prices rise, the more trucks charge to deliver it.

What are some ways to save?

So what can you do if you need paper in your office? There are a couple of tricks to save money, even in the face of pricing increases.

Bulk Buy: When you buy in bulk, you can enter into a contract to get your pricing frozen. Ask your Garvey’s Representative about options for your company.

Buy Generic: Consider purchasing a comparable non-brand paper that’s similar to the one you currently buy. Many private labels source their paper from the same paper mills!

Sign Up for Discounts: Every company, ours included, offers deals of the month. Sign up for newsletters to stay informed on every month’s best deal!


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