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Adding Storage Options to Your Home Office
February 8, 2021
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Storage Options

You placed that paper somewhere. You just can’t remember where. If this sounds like your home office, it might be time to install some storage options to keep you organized and productive.

Install a filing system

Our favorite solution for filing are clear and sleek Bankers Boxes. These boxes allow you to easily see what you are storing at a glance, and because they are plastic they withstand any spills.

Remove the desk clutter

Having an organized space often boils down to clearing out clutter! Opt for an all-in-one desk organizer. This will keep items like rulers, pens, scissors in your reach, but off your desk.

Think reusable

Too many sticky notes can bog down an entire space. Instead, choose a dry erase desktop solution for your to-do lists and deadlines. Simply erase and rewrite your new goals as they happen.


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