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Automatic Tazza Dispensers Now Available
April 26, 2021
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Last year, when the pandemic hit, a lot of corporations had a difficult time getting access to refills for their touch-free dispenser units. This was due to disruptions in supply-chain management, and many of those products being redirected to front line workers. So Garvey’s went on the hunt to find dispensers that could be available quickly and with refills that could be supplied. This was our first introduction to the Tazza Brand.

Available in Soap & Sanitizer Dispensers

Now a year later, Garvey’s Tazza dispensers are a wonderful option as we start to move forward with reopening our offices. Made right in the US, the Tazza soap dispenser is available in white while the Tazza sanitizer dispenser is available in both white and silver.

Controlled Dispensing

Each unit is automatic, only dispensing when sensors detect movement. The soap dispenser dispenses and anti-microbial and anti-bacterial foam product that can provide anywhere from 830 to 2,500 dispenses per cartridge. The sanitizer dispenser dispenses a 70% pharmaceutical grade product with anti-microbial moistures added in. Also a foam product, it provides up to 2,500 per cartridge.

Battery-Operated & Easily Installed

Each unit comes with three adhesive strips that you can easily peel and mount throughout your office. The units are battery-operated and will blink red when it needs to be replaced.


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